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Grand Master David German

This Page will be dedicated to Grand Master David German.

Master German a great martial artist, and a great mentor passed away.
In May 2006.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Those of us that had a chance to meet him, train with him and talk with him have been forever blessed by him.

Our prayers are with Master German's family and loved ones.

Grandmaster German began his martial arts career as a young child training in a form of Japanese Jujitsu, at the age of 12, he would earn a black belt in this style. From there, he continued his training at the famous Budokan training hall in California under the late Al Thomas. Mr. Thomas was the founder of Budojujutsu, a style Mr. German would later inherit. It was here that Mr. German trained with the likes of Gene Lebell and other famous martial artists. He spent many years training strictly under Mr. Thomas, until one day meeting Ed Parker. Mr. German would end up simultaneously studying at both schools. Unknowingly Building his style of martial arts.

Mr. German would train hard and end up earning black belts in both styles. He would later open the first two franchise schools in Ed Parker Style Kenpo Karate. As he continued to train and teach, he began to blend his skills of striking with his abilities on the ground. These skills would slowly find their way into his classes. Disagreements over his combining of the grappling and kenpo karate with Mr. Parker, as well as other disagreements would cause Mr. German to abandon teaching under the name of Ed Parker Kenpo, and instead create his style "TAI Martial Arts."

As he evolved, so did his art. His training in several forms of Kung Fu as well as Chin-Na would also find their way into the art of TAI. This fundamental mixing of styles was not only unheard of at this time in his life, but were also frowned upon. One article in Black Belt Magazine actually referred to him jokingly as the "heretic of the martial arts"; for his almost blasphemous departure from the common trend of teaching one and only one style of martial arts.

His style would continue to grow and develop and would eventually stretch to other parts of the country and the world.

Grand Master David German, 10th Degree Black Belt.
Founder of the TAI System
With over 52 years in the Martial Arts, Master German held black belts in Jiu Jitsu, Sil Lum Kung Fu, White Tiger (Bok Fu Pai), White Hair, White Eyebrow (Bok Mei Pai), Chin Na and Chuan Fa and Ed Parkerís American Kenpo.
In his early years he owned two studios with Ed Parker.

"In TAI Karate, we may box to open against an attacker, then flow into Kenpo, then Sil Lum to Chin Na, then grapple to finish the fight." Does this mean that grappling is the end-all, the most effective art? "All I will say is that a good grappler can fight multiple opponents and win - against five guys you'll be on the ground anyway," said German.
German is no "paper" white tiger when it comes to demonstrating his grappling prowess. Eighteen years ago, he singlehandedly wrestled the entire San Diego State wrestling team, including its coach, until all submitted, to prove the worth of his uniquely-designed grappling art. "... six straight hours, non-stop, and I broke and arm and rib that day," German chuckles. "I also wrestled Brian Adams' Kenpo people that day. Brian had the wrestlers down for Kenpo lessons, so I obliged. The Kenpo schools like our grappling method because it makes you mentally tough, and it's a toughness you can't get from Kung Fu or Karate. Still, the Martial Arts are the ultimate in self-defense for time spent. A good boxer or wrestler must spend several hours of contact, conditioning. In Karate, you can luck-out with a kick from any angle."

--(Master German)

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