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This program is FREE to any woman 12 years of age and older.
This seminar will be four one-hour classes
PLACE: North East T.A.I. Karate
5 Dascomb St. Hillsboro NH, 03244

This program is designed to empower women.
Increase your awareness of people and places around you.
Mentally prepare you for everyday and unexpected events.
Learn how to recognized possible hazards, and how to avoid them.
Know what to do when there is no other way but to defend yourself.

Call or e-mail to reserve your spot.
Phone: 603-464-2662

Women's Self Defense!
Be aware, Be alert, Be ready!
"Put a little sting in you life!"

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This was a letter to the editor of THE VILLAGER.
The week of Feb. 28th 2006.

Iíd like to let the community know about a beneficial class I recently took. The Womanís Self Defense class taught at North East T.A.I. Karate in Hillsboro was empowering! This was my first such class and each session was extremely beneficial to my understanding of why attacks happen and how to proactively lessen these chances, in addition to basic defense tactics that anyone can learn!

The class was four sessions in duration and Richard and Joshua of North East T.A.I Karate were professional, courteous and engaged with each participant each night. Classes similar to this one are held every two months at no cost and are genuinely a confidence booster to any woman!

Iíve gained more awareness of my surroundings, valuable self defense techniques and increased confidence by attending this class and highly recommend it to any women in the area of any age!


Sonya Schumacher


This class has done a lot for me. It has sharpened my awareness of things and people around me.
It has boosted my self respect.
I have a bad back and the techniques that are tault with that in mind. I like not feeling disabled!

It's nice to know that no matter what happens that I'm the one in control

--- Rocky Yeaton
"I never knew that you can use some many everyday objects to defend yourself.
Very informative.
Fun and friendly atmosphere. No pressure.
At your pace with no finger pointing.
Everyone is there to learn. Makes you look at the view in front of you with open eyes.
Don't look down, you might miss something!
It's not what happens to you, but how you react that matters!"

---Jess Audette
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