GrandMaster Kangwon Lee - 9th Dan Degree Black Belt

Master Hakjae Lee - 6th Degree Black Belt

Master Paul J. Lee - 4th Degree Black Belt

Master Ja Hyang Kim - 4th Degree Black Belt

John Gerstenecker - 4th Degree Black Belt

Members:TTF, WTF, ITF, USAT, Olympic Tae Kwon Do Committee

Grand Master Kangwon J. Lee

Grandmaster Kangwon J. Lee is living legend. He holds 9th Degree Black belt since 1998. Grandmaster Lee has been studying traditional Taekwondo since he was 12 and living in South Korea. He made black belt in 1957 and began teaching soldiers in the Korean Army four year later. In 1980, he moved to the United States and lived and taught in Mideast. GM Lee is the highest in a rank and longest experience in teaching in New England Area. Come in and join the Taekwondo from original Grand Master from Korea. He is among the first generation Grand Masters who named Taekwondo as a Taekwondo.Our Masters and instructors

What is Tae Kwon-Do (Korean Martial Art)?
Tae Kwon-Do is a translated literally this means art of hand and foot fighting. This art is the ultimate in self-defense and physical fitness for men and women of all ages!! Through the scientific use of the body in form and technique, Tae Kwon-Do ultimately aims at the development of the character of it's participants. The practice of this art demands vigorous exercise and perseverance training; it's rewards are many, such as , self-confidence, patience, physical fitness, flexibility, mental alertness, respect and so on.

Master Hakjae Lee

Through more than 50 years of experience, they have developed a program they say offers a gateway to better health and better living. Lee's program combines the precepts of Tae Kwon-Do, a self-defense technique that promotes development of inner strength, or (Kie), with motivation, correct breathing and isotonics. He's shared his teachings with thousands of student throughout the USA and world and has recently brought his program to the New England with the opening of a studio in South Shore, Mass.

Master uses Black Belt to fight for good health!
Stress management seminars family counselors, the clergy, friends and-on the other end of the spectrum-drugs and alcohol are some of the solutions people seek when attempting to cope with the problems of daily living. Master Lee offers another solution: Grand Master Lee, Kangwon and Master Lee, Hakjae and Senior Instructor, John are instructors in the uniquely Korean Martial Art of Tae Kwon-Do.

Tae Kwon-Do for Men, Women, & Children!!
*Tae Kwon-Do *Self Defense
*Gymnastics *Self Control
*Self Confidence *Physical Fitness
*Olympic Style Sparring
*Competition *Strong Mind
*Body Flexibility *Weight Control
*Motivation *Wellness
*Meditation Yoga *Bulling
Family Rates Available!!

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