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Everyone believes that every national flag of every nation has its certain meaning. However, I believe the Korean has even more than just a symbolic meaning out of it. In addition to its combination of color, the geometric structure of the flag is so perfect Mathematically, which gives it a certain credit since it was designed more than 50 years ago.
Anyway, the name of Korean national flag is Taegeukgi (태극기). Structurally, it has three main parts, each of which we'll discuss later, the white background, the Yin-Yang circle on the center, and the 4 trigrams surrounding the circle.
The white background symbolizes purity or cleanness of the people. The Korean beliefs its people should be "clean" meaning do not conduct crime or bother others. The Koreans wants to belief that this will lead them to pursue the prosperity in universal harmony among people.
The circle on the middle of the flag represents dual cosmic forces in the universe, the Um (blue) which symbolizes the bad effects and Yang (red) which means good effects. Both of them are matched up to each other, in the same size, and rotating continuously representing the perfect balance of them in the universe.

The next part is the four trigrams which I found to be the most interesting part of the Korean Flag. There are four of them, each is constructed by 3 lines but each has different length for each line. The name of those four trigrams are Geon,Ri,Gam and Gon which have a lot of meaning in Korean people daily life. For instance, in the terms of season, those 4 trigrams mean Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer, consequtively.

Here are several meaning of it:태극기

Name in KoreanNatureSeasonsCardinal DirectionsFour VirtuesFamilyFour ElementsMeanings
Geon Sky 하늘Spring 봄East 동Humanity 사람Father 아버지Metal 쇠Justice 정의
Ri 리Sun 태양Autumn 가을South 남Courtesy 예절Son 아들Fire 불Wisdom 지혜
Gam 감Moon 달Winter 겨울North 북Knowledge 지식Daughter 딸Water 물Vitality 생명력
Gon 곤Earth 지구Summer 여름West 서Righteousness 의리Mother 어머니Earth 땅fertility 풍요
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