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 Historic Schools
The Home of John Searles

School was conducted in one of the rooms of this home until about 1774, when five district schoolhouses were appropriated.

Nashua High School

This school building was fondly referred to as the "Old Brick." Originally built in 1826 on West Pearl Street as part of the Waltham-Lowell model, this school educated the Nashua Manufacturing mill girls and some of the grammar school age children in Nashua. The city started using the schoolhouse in 1851 as Nashua's first High School.

This photo was taken after the city stopped using this school. You can still however see the original construction behind the storefronts. Portions of this building still stands on West Pearl Street today with hairdressing and a tatoo tenants.

Mount Pleasant School

The town of Nashville first built this school in 1849 as a High School. In 1869, it was rebuilt as shown in the top photo. There were 10 rooms, an assembly hall and enough space to accommodate 80 high school, 72 grammar and 80 elementary students. The current Mount Pleasant school building was built in 1925 and a major renovation was completed in 1987.

Spring Street School

The first Spring Street School (large photo) was built in 1875 for Nashua High School students. History also records General Elbert Wheeler and Jason Tolles conducting Military Training in this school under the direction of Captain E.D. Hoitt for several years. It was then used from 1905 - 1917 as a grammar school. When the school burned in 1917, it was rebuilt as a High School (top right photo). Population was on the rise and it was a largely needed improvement for the city. Of course, soon another larger school was needed and Spring Street became a Grammar School, and later, a Junior High. This school was replaced by the Hillsborough County Superior Courthouse.

Saint Louis de Gonzague

Saint Louis began a private school named Saint Aloysius on September 3, 1883. The Sister of Holy Cross of Saint Laurent, P.Q. were its administrators. Increased enrollment meant a facility would need to be constructed for schooling purposes. A wooden frame building on Vine Street was constructed in 1889. The Brothers of Sacred Heart opened their doors in 1891. A Girls High School was established on Mulberry Street in 1938.

The Milford Road School

Here's a picturesque image of one of the smaller schools student body and the schoolhouse teacher.

Shattuck Street Elementary

The building is still being used today as a childcare center.

Current Schools

Current & Historic School List

1775 - 1830

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